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2024: The REAL REASON why you haven’t gotten your tattoo yet...

(And Why our studio is Better than the rest)

When you think about getting a tattoo you usually think:

create a design, check websites, reviews, portfolios, get a consultation, and then choose an artist…

The outcome? Usually Regretful tattoos

Do you get a walk in or appt?

artists with good artwork but bad attitudes..

Good artwork but to expensive..

Or artists with good prices but “eh” artwork..

It’s not your fault if you’re not sure how to start OR you’ve gotten a regretful tattoo..

it’s very common because nobody tells you how to do tattoo research...

When there’s no guidance, it’s easy for you to overlook important variables you weren’t aware of,

which causes a limited understanding of how to choose the right artist for your particular project.

AND Most shops intake systems are assbackwards..

treating clients like numbers, rotating them fairly between artists instead of hand selecting an artist that matches your project.

And this is how people end up with a tattoo they regret, or at best get a tattoo that could have been done better

And that’s why we are better than the Rest!

Because we understand how overwhelming and risky getting a tattoo can be..

we know that 50% of people regret at least one tattoo because they went to the wrong artist...

But there’s no need to overwhelm yourself trying to do research all on your own.

when you fill out the form in our bio our consult manager will match you with a specialized artist for your project that you can trust!

The outcome?

We help you eliminate regret and get a tattoo you’ll love by the very best artist that can do it!

And we have a track record of over 1300 local reviews that PROVE IT!

Click the Button Now to get a free consultation and $50 off your first tattoo with us. Come try a specialized artist that will take the time to collaborate, So that your new tattoo compliments YOU.

You’ll know it’s the right artist because they’ll be passionate and light up about your project. That’s confirmation you chose the right artist.

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